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  • Presma® Red Anodized Ambidextrous Charging Handle, 223/5.56/9mm


    Presma® Red Anodized Ambidextrous Charging Handle, 223/5.56/9mm.   SKU  CH03-R

    Brand new redesigned Ambidextrous Charging Handle for 223/5.56/9mm.  This awesome new product from Presma Inc allows both right and left-handed shooters to easily charge their 2235/5.56/9mm. Also useful for 3 gun shooting and for training off-hand use.

    • Pulling from either side will result in a smooth, reliable pull.
    • Non-slip design with ‘cut-out’ edges works great with gloved hands for a dependable action.
    • Rear lip raised to help re-direct gasses from short-barreled or suppressed rifles.
    • Left lever .85”, right lever 1” (width)
    • Length 7 inches, Width 2.56”
    • Made from Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum, hard-coated anodized Red

    U.S. Patent D893,662